Welcome to your new source in autograph authentication!

Autographs can be a tricky business. Whether the shop is online, brick and mortar or even in your collection already, there are dozens of fakes and all charging premiums.

We pulled together specialists in celebrity autographs to authenticate your finds and prospects.  All so you can purchase a little insurance to ensure the investment you are about to make is a true HORROR FIND!

Our service will be both here online and in person at upcoming conventions and our services start for as little as $10.00!  All prices include return shipping and handling fees where applicable.

About Us

Will Bozarth


Will's been collecting autographs since he was 10 years old, starting with professional wrestlers. 

Through the years, he discovered the joy of meeting favorite performers at stage doors and signing events around the country. 

He's amassed an incredible collection over time, and developed a good eye for distinguishing authentic autographs. 

Matt Blazi


Matt has been attending conventions for 20 years. In that time he has appeared in two George A Romero films and worked behind the scenes on numerous documentaries. 

During that time Matt has amassed a large collection of autographs and memorabilia. 

Over the years Matt has worked alongside celebrities at conventions such as George Romero, Danielle Harris, Ken Foree and Malcolm McDowell. Having obtained hundreds of autographs for himself and others Matt can add his opinion to make sure your collection remains treasured. 

Andrew Vallee


 Andrew started going to conventions 10+ years ago and now works along side celebrities and vendors as a floor manager. 

He has amassed hundreds of autographs over the years and has knowledge on signing techniques, making him an effective authenticator.

Joe Ripple


Utilizing his law enforcement experience as security, Joe Ripple has been working Conventions since the late 1990’s.

As founder of the charity, “Scares That Care,” Joe has had literally thousands of autographs pass through his hands, along with having direct contact with celebs and agents alike will afford him the opportunity to render an excellent opinion on your prized collection! 


7/31/2020 - 8/2/2020

Scares That Care Charity Weekend

All day

Williamsburg, VA

Event Details

7/31/2020 - 8/2/2020

Scares That Care Charity Weekend

All day

Williamsburg, VA

Privacy Policy

All transactions and / or information provided to HorrorFind, Inc. are held securely and kept confidential.  At no time will any information be shared or sold to any entity outside of HorrorFind, including volunteers and related entities of the parent company Scares That Care, Inc.