Frequently asked questions

What is Horror Find?

Horror Find provides autograph authentication services to anyone who wishes to have a prospect purchase or already owned item verified.

How do the orders work?

Orders are all done through the SHOP.  There are links at the top of the website page and also on the Home page by order type.  The following are the details for the order types...

Mail In: After the order and payment is submitted, the customer will receive instructions to mail in the item for verification.  Once received, we will research and review  the item(s) in question and determine 3 criteria for authentication.

On Site: This is a face-to-face service we will offer at various conventions or other shows and venues.  The prices will be lower from the Mail In service, but the process will be the same.

Online: Review and authentication of online sources, such as eBay or Amazon listings, before you buy them.

What does it mean to "Authenticate"?

Once we have received and reviewed the item, it will either pass or fail authentication and a card will be provided either way.

Pass is defined that we found 3 points of authentication and in our opinion is genuine.

Fail is defined as not being able to find 3 points of authentication and we cannot find enough valid information to make a solid opinion.

What are valid authentication points?

The following are examples of the validation points we will use...

- Comparison to known good autographs from our personal collection(s).

- Verification of site of autograph. Meaning was the celebrity at the place stated they were when the autograph was obtained.

- Photographic evidence clearly showing the item being autographed, by the signer, with the person obtaining it.

What is the relationship with Scares That Care?

Horror Find, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scares That Care, Inc.  NO DONATION FUNDS are used for the operation of Horror Find.  

While some employees of Horror Find, Inc are volunteers for Scares That Care, Inc, Horror Find, Inc is independently managed and operated.  Scares That Care, Inc's Founder and Board of Directors have no influence on Horror Find, Inc or vice versa.